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Education Planner

User-friendly resources for the most informed decisions.

Provide your students with an interactive approach to education planning that is highly customized by province to meet curriculum expectations and learning outcomes.

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My Profile

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User-friendly student dashboard.

My Profile provides students an at-a-glance overview of their education plan and  includes a built-in Progress Metre to visually track progress in each grade and motivate students to meet their annual education plan requirements every year.

Experiences and Resume

Build your portfolio.

Keep track of important experiences, activities, achievement, skills and more each year. Complete an assignment in class or prepare for the world of work with the interactive and fully customizable resume and cover letter builder that draws directly from your experiences.

High School Planner

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Interactive course planning.

Students build a forward-thinking plan and visually track school-specific completed, in-progress and planned courses.  The ability to create multiple “what-if” plans encourages students to explore multiple options to meet their needs and interests.

Track towards graduation.

The Graduation Indicator keeps students informed of their progress by visually displaying province-specific graduation requirements based on their completed and planned courses.

Unlock post-secondary destinations.

Invented by myBlueprint, the Pathway Eligibility Indicator instantly unlocks opportunities in all four major pathways – apprenticeship, college, university and workplace sectors – that a student may be eligible for based on the courses in their plan.

Post Secondary Planner

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Compare different pathways.

Explore a wealth of information on post-secondary opportunities across Canada based on personal preferences and saved high school plans.  Compare options side-by-side to save time and make the more informed decisions about the future.

Occupation Planner

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Explore occupations.

Research and compare extensive information on occupations of interest and identify related opportunities from the four major post-secondary pathways that lead towards them.

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting

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Create an action plan.

Determine the type of goal, the timeframe in which to complete it in and make it S.M.A.R.T. Education Planner reminds students to stay on track and complete their objectives.

Discovery and Explorations

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Interest assessment tools.

As an optional add-on, the two most advanced interest assessment tools in Canada provide students with forward-thinking, reality-based results that can be effectively utilized within the High School Planner and Post-Secondary Planner. Find out more

Course Selection Module (CSM)

Interactive course selection.

As an optional add-on, CSM provides a secure online course selection process via the High School Planner and seamlessly integrates with your Student Information System. Find out more

Did You Know?

Well now you do!

88% of students surveyed reported they are more confident about making good decisions about their post secondary plans after using myBlueprint.

– Toronto District School Board 2011 Research Study